Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some more RSPCA shite.

Here's a few more examples of advertisements for the RSPCA:

Not current, but fairly recent. I've noticed they like to use pictures of animals (funnily enough)

Just some questions and answers:

The RSPCA! Who are they?!  What do they do?!  What does their current advertising look like, and what is their usual target demographic?!

The RSPCA is a community based charity which fights for the rights of animals and against animal cruelty. The Rspca promotes care and protection of animals.They include services such as providing shelters for homeless animals and  advice for petowners. Current advertising is relatively dark in colour (to show the darker side of animal cruelty, I guess) and include pictures of animals (obvs). there are some current advertisements which have cute animals on them. Target demographic: everyone? not really a certain demographic, but definitely the general public and especially animal lovers.

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