Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Descriptive Imagery Evaluation

So today in Graphic Design we had to use descriptive imagery to make a map that only consisted of pictures which! Was actually pretty difficult, I must admit. These days we are so accustomed to reading that making and reading a map which solely consisted of pictures was hard. Niki chose the location our map had to lead to, which was the principal’s office. Choosing landmarks to draw to signal the way there was pretty simple, because there were distinct landmarks such as the mural of the two boys, the group of lockers, the staff toilets and the trophy cabinet. We also included numbers for guidance. The hardest part was trying to show that the final destination was the principal’s office. Finally we drew a lady with a graduating hat on (so she looked smart and because our principal is now female) standing behind a door- which said, “principal’s office” on it, only BACKWARDS.
The map which we had to follow was not very clear. I mean, the pictures were clear but the arrows were muddled up. We ended up doing a big lap of the school, before going to the S-block (where the media lab, the final destination, is situated). We didn’t actually realize where we were meant to end up, but we got close. Whether it was cause we weren’t familiar with that side of the school or just cause the pictures weren’t clear enough, I’m not sure. All I know is…reading maps with pictures only? Freakin’ hard!

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