Friday, 18 March 2011

RSPCA - "for all creatures great and small"

The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

To prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.
To be the leading authority in animal care and protection.
The objectives of the RSPCA in Australia are:
·         To prevent cruelty to animals by ensuring the enforcement of existing laws at federal and state level.
·         To procure the passage of such amending or new legislation as is necessary for the protection of   animals.
·         To develop and promote policies for the humane treatment of animals that reflect contemporary values and scientific knowledge.
·         To educate the community with regard to the humane treatment of animals.
·         To engage with relevant stakeholders to improve animal welfare.
·         To sustain an intelligent public opinion regarding animal welfare.
·         To operate facilities for the care and protection of animals.

Some current advertisements for the RSPCA:

"Help Neglected animals leave their old lives behind"
I thought these ads which showed animals "zipping out" of their old skins were very clever. From a distance though, the colour choice made the posters appear dull, but this may have been on purpose. The posters have good layout and the viewer's eye is immediately drawn to the image in the centre.

"Show us some love. We'll return the favour"
These ads show animals doing human chores such as cleaning the floor and vacuuming the sofa. I didn't really get these ones. Will the animals return the favour by helping you do housework? Or is the poster trying to say "Stop being cruel to animals and treating them like slaves"? I really don't understand it. Once again, the colours are pretty dull and the writing is also hard to read.

"Tips for Tails"
I liked this poster because it was cute, positive, simple and the slogan whihc showed alliteration was very catchy. The above ad with the guinea pig or something running across the screen was unclear in its message though.

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