Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Abstract Art

Our task was to design an abstract piece of artwork that could be used for an album cover or something. For mine, I chose to mainly use different shades of pinks, blues and purples, which are analogous (next to each other on the colour wheel).

Pink and Blue Smoke
For this design I made a photoshop brush of a wisp of smoke first. Then I used the liquefy tool to create the squiggly lines. Very simple, really. I think the end result looked like liquid, bubblegum flavoured fire.
Design Principles and Elements used:
  • Colour: Bubblegum pinks and dark purples and blues, analogous colours with different tones.
  • Contrast between the bright colours and dark background, which bought forwards the swirls, creating depth
  • Composition/ Layout: fairly symmetrical, even amount of subject matter on both sides
  • Line: The squiggly lines were created using the stamp and liquefy tool. It draws the eye to the centre of the page. The lines which overlap also create interest.
  • Texture: The liquefy tool really helped- it looks like liquid oozing into the centre or pink and blue flames.
  • Pattern and movement was created through the repetition of the squiggly lines- the smoke looks like it is oozing and moving and in action.

For this design firstly I filled the background with a gradient of dark blue to light blue. I then adjusted the brush to the right setting so that it scattered and had different sizes. Adjustments were then made to the lighting of the different layers to create a glowing effect.
Design Principles and elements used:
  • Colour: once again, I chose to used pink and blue. I really like those colours together for some reason. I think it's cause it remind me of a sunset :)
  • Gradient: The right side of the page is a dark blue and subetly changes to a lighter blue on the left side. The bubbles also have gradients which also give them form and make them look three dimensional.
  • Emphasis: I think the main focus of this design is at the bottom left hand corner because the tails of the bubbles make it look like the are going towards there
  • Repition of shape e.g the circles which are a variety of sizes to add interest.

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